So the idea is to use certain online tools to provide a product that can meet a tight budget and have an even quicker turn around for the client. The tools used to achieve this were somewhat limited in functionality. So I formulated a workflow involving such tools and Adobe After Effects to provide me with more advanced control and creating a better end product than can be created by using the “quick fix” tools alone. So while I can’t showcase all the videos, as many are for startups and wish to not have their IP publicly on display, here are some that I am able to showcase.

This is the video that started it all. Guy from 1 Day Mobile Website Workshop approached me to create a video for his rebranded web design company. While staying inside the agreed upon budget and the idea that we would work together in the future, I created the following video. It’s purpose is to advertise his web development company, and also advertising my video services that by working with me he was now able to add to the value he can provide his clients.

This led to us landing a job for Rent2Buy. A company providing solutions to assist people to become home owners. I’ll let the video tell you more.

Soon thereafter we did two videos for Attorney Realtor Hub. One for people looking to buy property, and one for attorneys looking to sell properties. They provide lawyers tools to help them sell property (opening up new revenue streams for them), and giving people the option to buy property through their lawyer rather than having to go through a real estate agency.

We stuck to the animated format for the video directed towards attorneys looking to sell property.

For the video I created directed towards people looking to purchase property, we decided to experiment with stock footage mixed with animation rather than the purely animated videos we had created for clients thus far. The client was happy and I was glad to have a change of format. It also adds a little more variety to my portfolio.

I was recently requested to create another explainer video and chose a different animation style.


These types of videos seem to be a great hit with the clients – cheaper and quicker than completely custom and original videos, while still being able to tell a story and clearly communicate their ideas to their audience.

Here’s what they had to say

Working with Lucian is an absolute pleasure. Clear communication and an accommodating attitude lead to exactly the result I was looking for. Exceeded expectations each time; Creative with a fun flair. I will continue, and look forward, to doing business with him long into the future!

Guy SternCEO