The deadline

Was stifling. 1 week. I had the script and the brief, so I started as all projects start… a storyboard:

DHSEXCO Storyboard sample

DHS EXCO presentation storyboard sample


After making up a slide or two in standard 2D and faux 2D in After Effects and being unsatisfied with the results –

– I had the best and worst idea:

Learn, render and produce all this in 3D for fun.

The logic checks out if you think of it thusly: Learn a new skill, remain engaged, work non stop, deliver on time. However there were some hurdles I’d overcome, through dedication and sheer blind luck. Long story short, we eventually had a server farm running at a friends house of 7 or 8 computers and were pulling all nighters to make the deadline, and only just, with somewhat “lower than I would have liked” quality of work

Luckily for all involved, the deadline was pushed a month forwards. Now I could really deliver. I had familiarised myself with the program to some extent,

and had come up with alternative workflows and rendering techniques. Now I had the time and inclination to produce material I could really be proud of 😀 To illustrate this, I’ll simply show you what the final of the first slide looked like –

End Results

The final presentation was exceptionally well received by the team, and I’m certain theirs will be most entertaining presentations presented at this year’s ExCo!


Final work produced in Cinema 4D. Lego Models from Mecabricks.

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