We The Brave (henceforth referred to as WTB) gave me a bunch of icons and a style guide for their brand.


I started off by animating a few icons just for fun – to warm up. If they seem out of context, don’t worry, it’ll all make sense later 😉


I put the script into my timeline and timed it to be easy to read, but have a fast and glitchy pace. I then looked up a couple of methods for animating on text in interesting ways and adapted what I learned for the task at hand. The HIV animation didn’t really have the effect I wanted in the video and therefore went unused.


I sent in what I was working on thus far and had put in a couple of the other little animations. The feedback from WTB was overwhelmingly positive, and their only request was that I make more of the “fun animations” like the condom animation. Luckily I already had one unused from my warm up animation session. I put in the boinking people animation and made room for a spitting animation. I made one animation first that was more hand drawn and didn’t match the style of their brand, but I saw this while I was working on it, and  changed direction, instead remaking their ‘tongue out’ icon as the three stages (as I saw it) of spitting.


Choosing the right music to put to all this was a bit of a challenge, but working together with their head of marketing, we eventually settled on a track.

All that was left was to bring it all together and submit the final.


It was received very well by WTB and was up on Youtube quicker than two shakes of a lambs tail.

Here’s what they had to say

***Testimonial coming soon***

Riaan NorvalBrand Champion - Health4Men | Anova Health Institute | norval@anovahealth.co.za