Case Study

Hipster Inspired Details

I recalled a tutorial I had once done, Hipster Intro Animation. So with these kind of modern, clean and simple animations as my inspiration I began with the line art that made up the bulk of the video.

It only really made sense to me to start with the banner being drawn in, to give other elements a space in which to exist when the time came for them.

Draw In Banner

For those technically interested, this was achieved using the “Stroke” effect that comes built in with After Effects. I love it for it’s simplicity.

I then manually created the detailfor the bottom of the banner using shape layers and some imagination. I think this is the bit I’m most proud of with this project.

Banner Lower Detail

Next up came the bulkier elements, and the text. Unfortunately I don’t have an example of how all the elements looked using this style as the final logo was still a while aways and I hadn’t really planned on creating a case study – thus I didn’t keep a record of all my steps. Regardless, the results were pretty similar to this and I was rather chuffed.

Draw In Animation

Mix in Some 3D Animation

My boss and art director wanted the results to be more dramatic. The animation for the crown had already been made by my colleague for a previous project, and I was told to use it here. It was in 3D. This pushed me to move past the initial inspiration. I inserted the crown and worked on making the “MAYIHLOME” animate on in a similar fashion. For those with technical interest, this was done using Element 3D – a truly fantastic plugin, I can recommend checking it out if you hadn’t know of it before. For more dramatic effect, I experimented with different angles to pan out from the logo to reveal it and a straight on zoom out version was decided on.

Logo Animation Without Effects

The client had wanted the logo gold, the results were pretty cool, if I do say so myself.

In the Name of Drama

More drama was called for and I went about applying the usual dramatic effects. Some shine, some film glow. I was pretty pleased with how it all turned out. There was a difference of opinion when it came to what got used in the final video. My boss asked me to blur out all but the “Mayihlome” text, and this is what was used in end.

But I still feel that this is the real deal right here. Crisp. detailed.



Final Product

This is the logo animation, as part of the whole video for Peermont.

***Sorry – not available yet***