Case Study

Animated Logo

Given their logo, I set off to create an animated logo that was simple, yet expressive. I threw some ideas down:

Building on these ideas, we decided on how the final logo animation should look. Both WasteWatchers and myself were very pleased with the final result:


Final WasteWatchers Logo Animation


Explaining the problem, and solution

WasteWatchers also needed a way of explaining the problem their application solves, and how. Being an abstract concept, an animated infographic seemed the best way to do this. From our brainstorming session, we had an idea of how we wanted it to look, and we sketched out a rough story board. The first draft looked a little something like this…

The WasteWatchers team and I, discussed our options going forward from here. By now they had put together something of a script, and we had some fresh ideas to go forth with. Once done, the final version was quirky and fun, while still explaining the concepts effectively.

Lower Third

They also wanted lower thirds. Lower thirds are the name banners that pop up to introduce someone, as often seen in documentaries. I had the idea of using the fruit and veg icons to lead the banners,  but in the end we had the racoon pop up instead, making it white so that it would show up clearly on any footage.

Delegation of Funds

Finally, they needed an animation to play while they discussed how they were going to invest their funds. This was relatively basic, and the first draft ended up being the last, after much polishing, of course.


Final Thoughts

I thoroughly enjoyed working with the WasteWatchers team. Cool guys, with a project worth backing. With an eyecatching video, they easily stood out from the other campaigns, and got funded in record breaking time for their platform of choice. You can check out their campaign here. And of course, here again is the final video

Here’s what they had to say

We were very happy with the results and more so with the work Lucian put in. Even when we needed some last minute changes he delivered with quality and rapidly. I would describe Lucian as a creative mind, who can produce work very fast and is solution oriented. It was pleasure working with him and i can recommend his services to anyone. Especially to start-ups looking for animations, because he is not in it for the quick buck and above and beyond to deliver quality results.

Wouter Van Dijk | Co-Founder of | www.crowdaboutnow/wastewatchers