Why, I hear you ask is this portrayal of a jelly, entitled “Wise Jelly”?

Originally I had the jelly fish in pink and purple, and the water in blue. But on a whim, I inverted the colours and loved it. Perhaps this is a wise jelly from a land so different to ours, that their colours are the inverse of ours. Or perhaps this is a statement piece, suggesting that perhaps our constant pursuit of superiority through intellect is in vain, as we systematically continue to destroy all our means of sustainable survival; thus suggesting that perhaps the wisest creature may well be the humble jelly fish. Or perhaps it’s that I decided that the squiggles in the fleshy bit of the jelly, resembled the face of an old wise man, perhaps Gandalf the Grey.

It may surprise you to discover, after that deep analyses of potential meaning, that it was in fact the slight resemblance to Gandalf the Grey that earned this piece it’s title. Coincidentally it is also what lead me to create a somewhat conical shape to jelly’s cap formation, in order to resemble a wizard’s hat.