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What is information design?

The digital age has granted us access to an ever-expanding wealth of information. We can find in-depth information on almost anything. The problem is that much of it is beyond the average person’s comprehension, leading to confusion and sometimes even complete miscommunication. Information design takes on the task of transforming data into easy to understand information.

As an information designer I deconstruct data, extracting the meaning and identifying the true message hidden behind the information. I consider who is supposed to understand the information (your target audience) and determine how best to communicate the true essence of the data. The end result is an audience that can easily understand the information presented.

Through the use of typography and graphic design principles, I can express your message backed by data. Clear and concise visuals appeal to our brains learning centres. Capture your audience with interesting facts and visuals, rather than boring and confusing them with streams of data.

When is information design needed?

The most prominent use of information design today is in infographics. Infographics can be simple graphs (such as pie charts and bar graphs), but I can take you a step further by applying creative thinking and design principles to express core understanding with the need for audience expertise.

By infusing information with motion graphics, communication is improved further and additional possibilities can be explored. Animation can be used to give images a personality. This engages the viewer, on an emotional level. Humanising the data is a good way to have people naturally understand the intended message behind the information. Animation is also eye-catching, and is the most effective at engaging viewers, and maintaining interest over time.

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WasteWatchers Campaign

WasteWatchers Campaign

Taxonomy Poster

Taxonomy Poster

We were very happy with the results and more so with the work Lucian put in. Even when we needed some last minute changes he delivered with quality and rapidly. I would describe Lucian as a creative mind, who can produce work very fast and is solution oriented. It was pleasure working with him and i can recommend his services to anyone. Especially to start-ups looking for animations, because he is not in it for the quick buck and above and beyond to deliver quality results.

Wouter Van Dijk | Co-Founder of | www.crowdaboutnow/wastewatchers