Shine like the Sun

Brilliant animated content that ignites interest.


Beyond Design

Navigate with artistic freedom and explore your potential.


Specialist in Multimedia and Motion Design

Capable of taking on all the tasks involved in a multimedia project.


Motion Graphics

Breathe life into static content.


Get noticed by the crowd

Crowd funding videos and multimedia that excite investment in your offer.


Data that makes sense

Converting hard data into engaging visuals that capture the imagination and convert into sales.


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For all motion graphics, visual effects and video editing


User Interface (UI) Design

UI design is the design of the User Interface. This is the critical visual for your website or app. The UI is more than just the layout of elements into a cohesive style; it is about anticipating what the user may want to do and ensuring that the appropriate elements are accessible and their function is easy to understand.

Your users want an intuitive experience as they navigate and interact with your system. This is essential in creating an application or webpage that people engage with. Positive engagement is essential to your success. Bad UI design will frustrate your customers and they will avoid using your system in favour of another better-designed platform.

Hire me for the ultimate user-friendly UI custom designed for your product or service.

Web Development

Web development is the practice of building the web pages that a user will interact with. Web developers concentrate on the functionality of a website, or web app. Just as inferior UI design will frustrate your customers, so too will a badly developed website.

Unseen Photo Fair Application

Unseen Photo Fair Application

Kalimela Festival Website

Kalimela Festival Website

Hackers & Designers Website

FUNdead Concept UI Design

FUNdead Concept UI Design

We were very happy with the results and more so with the work Lucian put in. Even when we needed some last minute changes he delivered with quality and rapidly. I would describe Lucian as a creative mind, who can produce work very fast and is solution oriented. It was pleasure working with him and i can recommend his services to anyone. Especially to start-ups looking for animations, because he is not in it for the quick buck and above and beyond to deliver quality results.

Wouter Van Dijk | Co-Founder of | www.crowdaboutnow/wastewatchers